European Council for the village and small town ECOVAST
Russian Committee for the village and small town-ECOVAST


The main activity of ECOVAST was as follows:
   1. In December 2000 the business seminar The Future of The Younger Generation,        Social Participation and Implementation Development Programmes for the senior        pupils was held in Mariinski Posad with the support of Soros Fund, Administration        of Mariinski Posad region, representatives of ECOVAST Russia (O. Sevan, B.        Sasonov) jointly with Foundation of Town Planning Reforms (I. Abankina). 35        people from small town Mariinski Posad, including teachersa and representatives of        local Administration, took part in the seminar. The main accent was on analysis of        the participation of children in ecological, socio- cultural and other projects, their        future implementation in Town Development Programme.

   2. During the first half of 2001, the experts of ECOVAST Russia (O. Sevan, B.        Sasonov,     A. Ivanov, B. Krogius) prepared the edition The Inter- disciplinary        Approach in Development Programme of Small Town and Surrounding Region        (on the example of Moscow region). This work describes the problems of        preservation and development of Russian small towns during recent years, and        analyses the  experience of solving such problems by launching Complex        Development  Programmes. At the same time this edition presents modern        management techniques in town development, such as multi-disciplinary        approach, town marketing, starting-points of development in strategy of town        planning, pioneering of  local partnerships with broad public participation. The        small town of Zvenigorod, in Odintsovo sub- region (Moscow region), is taken        as example to illustrate how these methods work to solve the town problems.        The authors suggest the analysis of  approaches and problem-solving in the        General Direction Town Programmes of  1992-1993, 1999-2000. (150 p-s of        text, illustrations, plans, photos). The edition will  be published in the second half of        2001 with the support of Russian Ministry of  Culture and Russian Institute of        Culture.

   3. The international edition of articles Participation and Partnership and        Implementation        Development Programme is prepared for publication. The        articles of foreign experts        will be published in English and Russian. The        collection presents the articles of        Russian ECOVAST and members of        International ECOVAST - Michael Dower        (U.K), Arthur Spiegler (Austria),        Staffan Bond (Sweden) and others as well. (Chief        editor Olga Sevan , 200 pp.        of text, illustrations and photos). The edition will be        published in the first half of        2001.

   4. The small towns Mariinski Posad and Gorodetz are preparing educational seminars        on Regional Development Programmes : Public Participation and Partnership.        This work is supported by the Russian Ministry of Culture and by local and regional        Administration. On the example of town and region, the problems will be defined        and different development projects and starting-points will be suggested. The        materials of the seminars will be published in 2002.

   5. Member of ECOVAST Russia S. Grigorjev continues his activity in Njukhcha village        (Arkhangelsk region). He works with children, organizing village museum, the        community Chjud (local self-government), building boats. Different holidays were        organised by him in Njukhcha village during recent years. He produces video films        and photos and exhibits them at our seminars. This project was supported by        Russian Ministry of Culture and Russian ECOVAST.

   6. From 20 till 27 of April the President of Russian ECOVAST took part in the work of        The International Executive Committee ECOVAST and seminar Problems of        Development of Rural Areas in Poland, that took place in Skepe, Poland. She then        led a seminar on Social and Cultural Context of Spatial Planning of the Historical        Settlements and Sustainable Development, at the invitation of Torun University of        Sociology, and worked in the University library, etc. The report on this trip is in the        archive of the Committee.

Dr. of Architecture Olga Sevan.
President of ECOVAST Russia