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European Council for the village and small town ECOVAST
Russian Committee for the village and small town-ECOVAST





  • Assembly of Russian ECOVAST held in Russian Institute for Culture Research 24.12. 2010 http://www.ecovast.ru/images/2010/assambl.pdf
  • Dr., Prof. S. Ilvitskaya etc. Organization the exhibition of the students projects (State University of the Land using) ôCathedrals Architectureö in the Union of Russian Architects 1-13 February, 2011 Ń. http://www.ecovast.ru/images/2010/ehxib.pdf
  • O. Sevan as scientific consultant took part of the organization the exhibition ôWILL PRYCE. PARALLELS. Wooden architecture yesterday, today and everywhere ô- Moscow, State A.V. Shchusev architectural museum. 22 February ľ 27 March 2011. All information http://www.ecovast.ru/novosti.htm Photos of the exhibition http://www.ecovast.ru/exhib_photo.htm
  • Round Table about result of this exhibition and future wooden architecture was ô21 March ľ International Day of Woodö. http://www.ecovast.ru/images/2011/sevan%20table.pdf
  • Members of Russian ECOVAST together with the scientists of the Russian Institute for Culture Research contributed to the monograph ôSociocultural Analysis and Development of Russian Territories: Problems and Solutionsö. This book has now been published, 2012. (Main editor Dr. Olga Sevan). http://www.ecovast.ru/BOOKS_9.htm
  • Ivanov, urbanist, took part on the International conference in Armenia ôDevelopment Perspectives and Preservation of the Intellectual Heritage of Architecture and Urban Constructionö with the paper ôWhy is Old Erevan not being preserved and how could it be?ö http://www.ecovast.ru/article.htm
  • Dr. Olga Sevan has finished the monograph ôMalye Korelyö Archangelsk Museum of Wooden Architecture. History, Methodology, Modern Situationö. It will be published very shortly in 2012.
  • Dr. Vladimir Krogius took part in the Assembly of ECOVAST in Austria, October, 2011 http://www.ecovast.ru/conf_40.htm.
  • Dr. Olga Sevan took part in the International conference in India with the paper ôTraditional and modern impacts of wood on dwelling house paintings and arts of everyday lifeö (October, 2011)
  • Dr. Olga Sevan took part in the 17th ICOMOS General Assembly and Scientific Symposium: Sub-theme ĹSustainableĺ Development or a return to the Art of Building. Paper: ôCulture of Wood: Old and Newö (Paris, November, 2011)
  • The Assembly of Russian ECOVAST was held together with the Russian Institute for Cultural Research in framework of Round Table ôCulture of Wood: The Past and Nowadaysö 27.11.2011. Reports about this meeting on our website http://www.ecovast.ru/RT_photo.htm and http://www.ecovast.ru/images/2011/table2/RT.pdf

President Olga Sevan