European Council for the village and small town ECOVAST
Russian Committee for the village and small town-ECOVAST

Russian Committee for Village and Small Town - ECOVAST 2005

1. 2005 ECOVAST Site www.ecovast.ru worked more actively this year. One could find information about activity of our members basically in Russian on Site. The main pages of our Site remained without changes, but "News", "Photos and CVs (curriculum vitas) of ECOVAST members", and new banners with information about friendly organizations were added. It is necessary to work in that direction further. The Russian Institute for Cultural Research supports the work of our Site.
2. During the summer period experts of Committee continued their work started last year in Kenozero National park in Arkhangelsk region " Kenozero readings - 2005 ". RGNF and Federal Agency of Culture of Russian Federation supported our application on carrying out the International Scientific - Practical Conference together with Park management. This conference was held in August. Information about the Conference was put on our Site, as well as the Resolution in two languages (Russian and English). More than 60 participants took part in the Conference, that event influenced greatly experts, Park stuff, local residents as well. Arhtur Spiegler (ECOVAST Austria) and Astrid Debold-Kritter (ECOVAST Germany) took part in this meeting. The report and photos on our trip see www.ecovast.ru Materials of the Conference will be published the next year.
3. During discussions with Kenozero park management the arrangement was achieved on continuation of measurements of monuments (pieces of Architecture Park's territory) by students from Poland (the Krakow polytechnic institute) and senior lecturer Jan Kurek with Russian ECOVAST assistance. Last year five monuments of wooden architecture, and this year three more wooden constructions were measured. Materials will be transferred for the Park the next year.
4. 2005 the director of Cultural Center "Devichje Polje" Jurikova Olga and her stuff created and realized interesting programs in Protopopovo village, located on the territory of Kolomna (town in Moscow region). The purpose of various programs is restoration of traditional national ceremonies all year round, starting from New Year, Christmas, the Pancake week, etc. The work is held together with local residents and the townspeople: rural tourism on village territory, sit-round gatherings, the local museum and so forth. Members ECOVAST village participated in such actions. See www.ecovast.ru
5. This year V.Krogius and O.Sevan took part in the International Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, which was held by the International Committee on Historical Cities and Villages ICOMOS - CIVVIH. Both participants made reports see our Site. (" The Underground Life of the Capital: the Moscow Metro" - O.S.). Besides O.Sevan took part in the International Conference and International ECOVAST Assembly in Austria. Retz with report about Small Towns of Russia. Reports see on Site. www.ecovast.ru
6. November experts of Committee (Sevan ., Sazonov B., Madurov.D, Denisova.N) participated in the International Conference RIC, UNESCO and Council of Europe , which passed in Moscow, in different sections with reports. Materials of conference will be published next year and put on ECOVAST and RIC sites.
7. S.Grigorjev - animator of Nukhcha village Arkhangelsk region works with children on organization of a rural museum: constructions of boats and the organization of river trips, carrying out of holidays, development of crafts and so forth. He holds researches in the direction of formation of "Chud" community. S.Grigorjev participates in elections of local chapters {Heads} of Administration of Nukhcha settlement.
8. ECOVAST Russia finished translation and edition of European Union LEADER Program materials on organization and realization of development programs on rural territories of Europe. The edition of translation (about 100 pages) was supported by Scientific Council of Russian Institute for Culture Research, but refused to pay for this publication. The translation was carried out for the last few years by Pskov informational-resource center and RIC. We still need finance this actual publication.

Russian Committee of ECOVAST. 2004 and 2005. Condolences.
It is with deep regret that we have to announce the death of our colleagues and members: Skvortsov Boris Nikolaevich and Kuznetzov Michail Valentinovich one of ECOVAST founders in 1996, the doctor for technical science, manager of Laboratory for Rural Development in Russian Institute of Agrarian Problems and Computer Science. For many years he was the executive director of Agrarian Reform and Rural Development Support Fund; worked on many international grants: "Eurasia", "Know-How" British fund etc.
Both men loved life, were adherents of development of countryside, traveled a lot across Russia, participated in the organization of seminars, meetings, development programs of RF territories.
Everyone who knew them will always remember.

Dr. Olga Sevan
President of Russian Committee of ECOVAST