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Report of Russian section of ECOVAST in 2010 year

  • During of 2010 main efforts were concentrated on the organization of the International Conference Culture of Wood - Wood in Culture which will be held in Rostov the Great in September, 2010. More than 60 scholars from different regions of Russia, as well as international experts from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Romania, and Turkey, will participate in the Conference. The abstracts published before the meeting. International ECOVAST was represented by Angus Fowler. Members of Russian ECOVAST and the Russian Institute for Cultural Research RIC, with supporting of the Ministry of Culture RF, Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the State of museum Rostov the Great during 24-28.09. 2010. On the site http://www.ecovast.ru/images/2011/sevan20table.pdf we could see: Programe of the conference; Conference proceedings (PDF); Conference report (PDF); Conference decision (PDF); Remarks and suggestions concerning the conference; Conference in Mass-media; Photos of the Conference; Rostov the Great through the architect's eyes.
  • Dr. V. Krogius and Dr. Olga Sevan in April 7-11, 2010 took part in the annual meeting of the ICOMOS - Committee Historical towns and villages CIVIH and gave the papers in the conference in Malta, VALETTA THE HISTORIC CITY, A REFERENCE MODEL FOR URBAN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT POLICIES Olga Sevan - Chaired by Open Workshop 2: The Conservation Management of Historic Wooden Towns
  • N. Denisova, A. Ivanov and Dr. Olga Sevan took part in the international conference in Petrozavodsk, Republic Karelia Wooden architecture as phenomena of national culture and gave the papers. Materials of this conference were published in Italy. Reports (in Russian) about this meeting look http://ecovast.ru/conf_petroz2010.htm
  • Olga Sevan participated in the joint meeting of CIAV-ICOMOS and conference Vernacular Crossing Borders where she presented a paper on the traditional wooden architecture of the Arkhangelsk region and its relations with Northern European architecture. She also discussed cooperation of Russian and European experts on these projects
  • Dr. Olga Sevan took part in the international conference in China International Wood Culture Symposium on ancient wood preservation, restoration and ancient wood cultural industry took place in Jangling, Shaanxi Province from 23 24 October 2010. The event was sponsored by International Wood Culture Society (IWCS), co-organized by Northwest A & F University and IWCS China branch and supported by IUFRO Division. More than 80 representatives from 11 countries attended from domestic and overseas organizations of research and education, literature and art, industry, culture relics preservation and management, local industry and other related departments. This meeting is the fifth thematic seminars on wood culture held in China by International Wood Culture Society. Architect gave the paper and presentation "Vernacular monuments as the basis for new wooden architecture in Russia http://www.wood.info/customPage/100002/activity/3/chsx.html
  • During this year we should farewell with our colleague, our lovely friend and member of ECOVAST Olga Urikova. Our colleagues from European ECOVAST remember her. She was very active person and real actor in rural area, and was the chief many years of Cultural Center Devichye pole in the city Kolomna. She organized a lot of seminars, festivities, workshops for rural people, children, and developed tourism etc. and opened the site http://www.devpole-kolomna.ru/gal.htm. She died in September 20 very quickly. We are very missing about her http://ecovast.ru/sotrydn.htm and http://ecovast.ru/novosti.htm
  • Other activities of the members of Russian ECOVAST you could see in our web.

President Olga Sevan