Olga G. Sevan, Dr. of Architecture

Personal data:

Address: Off.: 119072, Bersenevskaja nab. D.,20

 Phone   7 095 959-09-22

Fax 7 095  959-10-17

Languages: Russian, English

Education and Training:

1965-1971 - Moscow Architecture Institute, Architect

1977-1981 - Post-graduate training in Theory and History of

 Architecture at the Moscow Architecture Institute.

  Doctorate in Architecture (1981). Title: “Vernacular architecture of the Russian North (Archangelsk and Vologda regions)”

Labour Experience:

1971-1986 - “Spetsproektrestavratsiya” Institute for Restoration and

 Usage of Historical and Cultural Monuments, the

 Wooden Architecture Department. Position: Architect in Chief

1986 – till now - Russian Institute for Cultural Research. Head of the Department for the “Cultural Environment of Settlements”

1994-1998 All-Russia Academy for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Position: Docent 1998- 2000  Russian State Humanitarian University, Docent

1998 - t. n. President of Russian Committee for Village and Small Town - ECOVAST.


1976 - t. n . - Union of Russian Architects

1986-1990 - Executive Board of Union of Russia Architects, , Committee

 for Social Problems of Architecture, Committee for Small

  Towns Development.

1989 - t.n. - Association of European Open Air Museums

1993 -2001 - Moscow Expert Council for Town Planning and Urbanism.

1993 - t. n. - ICOMOS - Committees ‘Historical Towns and Villages’- CIVVIH,

 and ‘Vernacular Architecture’- CIAV

1996 - t. n. - ECOVAST, President of the Russian Committee for the Village and Small Town


Projecting and Research Activities:

·        General planning, layout and restoration plan for 20 objects in the Open Air Wooden Architecture Museums of the cities of Vologda (co-author) and Archangel (in Malye Korely).

·        20 Expeditions for research and study monuments and sites in the Russian North (Archangel and Vologda Region, Russian North)

·        15 Expeditions for research and study monuments and sites in the different areas for preparation “List the monuments of Russia”


Research, social and cultural development programmes and projects for:

·        Small town Elabuga in Tatarstan (1988 -1989),

·        Verkola village in Archangel Region, Russian North (1989-1990),

·        Small town Zvenigorod in Moscow Region (1993-1994, 1999-20001), supported by Ministry of Culture RF,

·        Chelyabinsk Region, Ural Region (1993), supported by Regional Authorities,

·        Gubino village in Moscow Region (1995-1997, 1999), supported by Ministry of Culture RF.

·        Small town Bjelozersk, Vologda region, Russian North (1999 – 2000) - supported by Ministry of Culture RF and Regional Authorities.

·        Small town Mariinskij Posad, Chuvashija (river Volga), Russian Federation (1999-2003) - supported by Fond Soros, Ministry for Culture of RF

·        Town Kolomna, Moscow Region (2000-2004), supported by Ministry of Culture RF and Authorities of the town

·        Training seminars and work-shops in different areas, villages and small towns (1993-2004)


120 Publications on:

-         Research, restoration of monuments and historical settlements;

-         Development programmes, projects of territories and cultural landscapes

-         Issued in Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, France, Sweden, Estonia, Sri Lanka, etc.


-         Monographs on “House Paintings in the Russian North” (in printed) and “Multi-Disciplinary Analyse and Methodological Approach of Rural Settlements (for development programmes, case-study Gubino village in Moscow Region)”, Moscow, 1999.

-         25 articles about the vernacular monuments of different nation groups of Russia and former Soviet Union in ‘Vernacular Architecture of the World’, Oxford, 1998.

-         Editor in Chief of the 12 scientific papers collections published in the Russian Institute for Cultural Research, ECOVAST and other institutions.


International projects (participation or direction)

·        1989-1993 - General Secretary of the “Cultural Development in Europe and Regional Architecture” Project by UNESCO, ICOMOS, the Association of European Open Air Museums, Russian Institute for Cultural Research;

·        1992-1997 “European Convention on Landscapes” by the Council of Europe;

·        1994-1997 “Cultural Routs. Monastic Routs” by the Council of Europe, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Russian Institute for Cultural Research, etc.;

·        1994-1997 “Culture of Neighbourhood” (UNESCO).


Participation in Russian and international congresses, conferences, workshops and meetings organised in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Souzdal’, Nizhny Novgorod, Naberezhnye Chelny (1989-2000); held by the ICOMOS in Belgium (1989), Bulgaria (1991, 1996), UK (1995), Hungary (1993, 1999), Portugal (2000), Nederland (2003), France (2004); by the Association of European Open Air Museums in Czech (1990), Sweden (1991), Romania (1993), North Ireland (1995), Estonia (1997), Hungary (2001); by the Council of Europe in Germany (1992), Sweden (1993), Greece (1994), France(1995), Moscow (1996); by the ECOVAST in Greece (1994, 1998), Hungary (1995), Italy(1996), Slovenia and Austria (1997), Sweden (1999, 2002), Zvenigorod, RF (2000), Poland (2001, 2003), Germany (2002), Slovenia (2003). Organized the training seminars in different Small Towns of Russia: Zvenigorod, Bjelozersk, Gorodec, Mariinskij Posad, Porhov, Kolomna (1999-2004).