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Russian Committee for the village and small town-ECOVAST



Anniversary of the Russian Committee ECOVAST (1998- 2008)

At the end of December 2008 the members of the Russian ECOVAST Section held the special meeting to mark the Anniversary of their organization. President of the Committee Dr. Olga Sevan reported on their activities during the ten years and illustrated the website www.ecovast.ru Members (generally 22) took part in many Russian and International projects and facilitated the main contacts with local partners from the beginning of this process: to prepare programmes of investigations, conferences, workshops, training courses, etc; organised the main contacts with the authorities, individuals, and the private and state sectors. Ten scientific papers were published for the collections in the Russian Institute for Cultural Research (RIC), ECOVAST and other institutions. More than 3000 pages of different European materials and documents were translated from English to Russian http://ecovast.ru/perevody.htm.

Director of the Russian Institute for Cultural Research, Professor, Dr. Kirill Razlogov sent his congratulations to the all members of ECOVAST and stressed the importance of this small NGO. He promised help in managing different projects and trips for the members (if he is able to during the present economic situation). The Vice Director of RIC Dr. Aleksey Vasiliev suggested taking part in the International project with specialists from Poland and to organise the conference Culture of the Wood Wood in Culture (2010)


The holder of the Chair of Architecture (State University of Land Use in Moscow) Dr. of Svetlana Ilvitskaya on behalf of the International organization for architectural education (MOOCAO) congratulated President Olga. Sevan. She presented to her the Diploma for training and education in the architectural institutions in Moscow and wished her happiness and success.

Member of ECOVAST Dr. Vladimir Krogius spoke about his new book Historical Cities in Russia, which is due to be published during 2009. ( 150 p., 200 pictures Russia and different countries of the world) http://ecovast.ru/krogius_mat.htm

Sergey Grigoriev presented a film about the different activities of the members of ECOVAST during 1998-2000 and our first Assembly (before the web site was built)
Others members of ECOVAST told about the different projects of the last year and there was discussion on this item.


-Anton Lagutin described the situation in the museum Staritcino in Moscow


-Dr. Viktor Lancev, from the city Pskov spoke about the conference in Karelia



- Olga Urikova showed the new website of her organization in the historical villageProtopopovo in the area of the big city Kolomna www.devpole-kolomna.ru.




At the end all members discussed the plans for our future (which is not particularlyclear), drank tea and wine and gave presents to each other for New Year and Christmas!






Dr. Olga G. Sevan



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